Weekend, Part I

So how much fun was this weekend? My answer? A LOT of fun.

Saturday morning, I headed to the middle of the state to spend the weekend with my family.

First stop: the local nature center with my sister to take an ornament-making class.


This plant is real. It stopped me in my tracks on my way into the nature center. So beautiful! I learned that it’s called an American Beauty Berry.

Here’s my sister, hard at work with her bird ornament. We were making what’s called a Dark-Eyed Junco — all sewn by hand. It would be an understatement to say that we laughed a lot. We did the best we could, but it was pretty hard for both of us.


Here’s my…bird. Not gonna quit my day job. But it was great fun.


Next stop: my brother and sister-in-law’s house for dinner and to help with their trick-or-treaters. Their more than 600 trick-or-treaters — in a two and a half hour span. It was unbelievable. I’ve never seen so many kids on one street in my entire life. Princess after super hero after ghost after scary monster after ninja…the kids just kept streaming in until we ran out of candy.


The little ones were my favorites. They didn’t have a clue what was going on, but they were adorable.




Although this older minion was pretty funny, too. (My dad. He’s such a good sport.)


A couple of observations after Halloween:

– There are some really creative people out there.
– I’m so glad this annual tradition of going door-to-door still exists.
– I miss having little ones around.
– I’m going to be an awesome grandma one of these days.
– Some kids have really great manners.
– Some kids have no manners whatsoever.
– Holding out your open bag is not a substitute for saying “trick-or-treat.” (See also “no manners”)
– Turning on your heel and walking away in silence does not convey “thank you.” (See also “no manners.” HUGE pet peeve of mine. Thank you: two little words. Use them.)
– Kids have very definite opinions about candy.
– Family time, though rare, is awfully fun.

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