Peace, Love, and Hello Kitty

The other day I noticed my neighbor’s little girl wearing a Hello Kitty t-shirt as she skipped to her front door. Obviously I viewed this as a sign of very good character and I wanted to encourage her, as our next generation, to continue making such wonderful decisions. As such, I thought it only made sense to give her a few of my duplicate Hello Kitty McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. You know, as in investment in our community’s future.


And look what I found at our front door this morning.

As I suspected. Good character.

Seriously though, how adorable is sweet Natalie’s note? It was such a small gesture, but it really meant a lot to me. But lately I’ve experienced a number of little things…acts of kindness…that I’ve realized can make such a difference, including:

– Telling someone to have a good day – and meaning it.

So small. Yet so big. Just an extra helping of manners, kindness, and a smidgen of selflessness. Imagine if every person made an effort to simply incorporate these dozen little gestures into their interactions each and every day. How different would this world be?

Not to mention where we’d be if everybody exchanged Hello Kitty stuff. World problems = solved.

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