Life Lately


I love weekends. Seriously LOVE weekends.

This morning, Tanner and I went to the Peach Festival at our local Farmers Market. As you can see above, I scored lots of treasures…flowers, breads, fruits. What is it about Farmers Markets that make me want to bake? I’m really hoping my new peaches eventually become a pie…


Then we had lunch…I went on a short photography jaunt (separate post coming soon)…and took a long bike ride. It was excessively hot, sticky and gross, but I loved this whole day.

And here’s a little bit of random, unrelated stuff from earlier this week.

I got to have dinner with Tanner the other night. This pretty much sums up our household. We’re very serious.


Then there’s this text exchange with my brother after I’d received an email with my corral assignment from the Chicago Marathon. I know I’m slow, but for some reason, my corral assignment sort of discouraged me. Runners are placed in corrals based on their anticipated finish times. You mean to tell me that out of 45,000 runners, I’m with the slowest of the slow?


And there you have it. He’s right. I’m trying. I’ll show up. No shame in that. And who knows, maybe I’ll even catch some of the people from the earlier corrals. We’ll just have to see. But now I’m excited about the race again.

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