Sunday Scenes


It’s amazing how early the first signs of light are appearing in the mornings now. I needed to get downtown SUPER early to pick up my bib for another 5K race this morning. This sky set the tone for the day with warm shades of pink and orange*. If a sky can be described as looking “happy”, this one was it.

For the first time ever, I ran back to back races** — yesterday with my family to support my friends’ sweet son and today with my buddy Mara to support several of our friends at the St. Louis Pride 5K.


It was a modest turnout (perhaps due to the absurdly early start time), but it was still a great deal of fun and totally worthwhile. The route took us by Christ Cathedral Church. And while this is a totally crap photo, it still makes me happy. God is love.


After the race, I went home and took a long, much-needed nap***.


After trying to catch up on some sleep, I met some friends for dinner**** at one of my favorite places. Oh, my goodness. So good. But I tried a little personal experiment at dinner: I put my phone on silent and left it in my purse from the time I parked my car to the time I put my keys back in the ignition upon return. That way, 100% of my brain would actually be at the table. And you know what? I loved it. In fact, I realize that I need to start detaching from my phone regularly.

What a truly wonderful weekend. I’m so sorry to see it end.


Today I was grateful for:
1.) *Two straight days of gorgeous weather and nice running conditions.
2.) **Running. How lucky am I to have a body that affords me the joy of movement? My prayer is to never take that for granted.
3.) ***Two sleepy kitties who love to join me when I nap.
4.) ***Friends. Silly, supportive, hilarious, perfectly flawed friends.
5.) Taking the time to really savor good food.

Honorable mention: the light show currently going on outside my window, including a TON of fireflies and  some pretty impressive lightning.


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