Finding the Sacred in Everyday Life

“I designed my house around being able to have African violets in the kitchen window. I did it because my grandmother had them in her kitchen window. That meant the kitchen window had to be in the south, because that gave them the best light. So my entire house was designed around having a south-facing kitchen window for African violets. Every time I stand at the kitchen sink and see them, I think of my grandmother. And it becomes a simple, heartfelt connection to the past.”

LOVE this article from Tiny Buddha called “11 Ways to Find the Sacred in Everyday Life.” It focuses on finding meaning in the little things in life, restoring what’s sacred through simple acts – including the excerpt above. The link to full story is here, but here’s the free prize inside:

1.) Prayer

2.) Meditation

3.) Time in nature


4.)  Time with children; they certainly know how to live in the moment.

5.) Meal preparation. It’s an opportunity to pray over your food. Make it a meditation.


6.) Greet the day. Watch the sun rise and say, ”Thank you.”

7. Say “goodnight” to the day and express gratitude for everything that happened that day.

8. Declutter your home, which also leads to decluttering your mind.


9. Awake early to have time to meditate, breathe, and watch the birds, while slowly, mindfully, drinking a cup of coffee or tea.

10. When you feel the need to buy something, stop. Wait twenty-four hours. Why do you want it? Do you need it? What void is it filling? What else can fill it?

11. Do you keep the T.V. on without even watching it? Living alone, I am well aware that sometimes I like the T.V on just to hear the voices of other people. But I’ve recently taken to leaving the T.V. off and listening to music instead. So I still hear voices, but more pleasant ones.


Above photos are from a few of today’s “sacred moments”. An unplanned, quiet lunch by myself. Finding a book at my table that instantly brought me back to my childhood. A leisurely walk through a quirky store, an indulgence for the eyes and the nose. Beautiful blue skies after days of gray. Our resident chipmunk enjoying dinner on Buddha’s head.

Simple, sacred, everyday life. Breathe it all in, love it all out.

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