In light of Beecher’s observation, here are a few common happiness-inducing things as of late:

– Funny co-workers
– Rice Krispie treats
– Sleeping with the windows open
– Flowers that look just like popcorn along my path


– Big balls of purring kitties sleeping on my feet
– May sunshine and cool breezes
– Cloud gazing
– Evidence of love and kindness on display during my run


– Finally finding the motivation to get out the door for a run in spite of soreness
– Legally Blonde on Netflix
– Cheering a friend’s accomplishment
– The world’s most perfect tree


– Actually getting to sit down for dinner with at least one of my kids
– Diet Dr. Pepper that is so cold it’s a little slushy
– My begonia’s first bloom since bringing it home
– Prayers before bed

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