Girl Power!

 During a run awhile back, I spotted a baggie affixed to a tree along my route. It was filled with colorful hair doodads along with a note that said, “You are beautiful when you move! Go GOTR!” Which is Girls on the Run, an organization that partners with schools to mentor and empower young girls through running. It seems that I share a route with a local school training group.

Since that initial find, I’ve spotted a few more baggies with inspirational messages. It moves me every time. So much so that I volunteered for them earlier this year and signed up for their spring 5K, which was held today and was the finale of the girls’ training.

With close to 8,000 participants – including the school girls — this was a huge celebration of girl power, filled with colorful tutus (including one on a rather large father in the crowd), spray painted hair (tutu father had a pink mohawk, I might add), selfies, besties, and giggling.

What a blast.


This distance was what the girls were working toward all semester. So it was party.

The Bubble Bus at the third mile-marker was a fun touch. I’ve never run through bubbles before.


Did I mention this was a large race? The sea of starters snaked all the way around the corner.

Even Fredbird joined the festivities, offering high-fives to the girls at the finish line. (Sorry about the photo quality — I was moving.)


Though I didn’t have a daughter participating or even know anyone who did, I was so happy for these girls. Running has certainly transformed this 40+ year-old girl. How amazing is it that these girls get to experience this thrill of accomplishment at such a young age? I was proud to be a part of their day. What an inspired event.

You go, girls!!

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