Just Enjoy

This weekend began with expected indulgences: Friday chai, fresh-baked bread and cookie viewing at the local bakery.
But a holiday just isn’t a holiday without ridiculously cute cookies to share with the office. So I helped my colleagues indulge, too.


But then there was this morning. This morning was different. I got up early, picked up another chai, and headed to the nail salon. I got an over-the-top pedicure and manicure, which I haven’t done in months — and never both services at once. Going in, my poor feet looked like any other runners, complete with calluses and black toenails. I was going to get them fixed up after a big race next weekend, but then I figured I’d show them some love prior — in the hopes that maybe they’ll love me back during my big run. While it was a splurge and somewhat frivolous (right down to the bright pink polish my fingers and toes are now sporting), it felt like an investment in my well-being. So it was total bliss.

Afterward, I met up with my younger son for brunch at a nicer place we don’t visit very often. Nothing extravagant by any means, but another slight splurge. But my son ate well and I enjoyed the rare one-on-one time with him.

From there, we headed to the store to pick up fixings for our Easter dinner. Yet another indulgence: fresh flowers. I picked up some daffodil bundles, too. Not necessary for our Easter dinner, but it brings happiness and life to our table.


And then…


My grown son indulged me by posing with the Easter Bunny. We spotted this poor sap wandering through the grocery store. Totally cracked me up.

Then this afternoon, Tanner went about his plans and I went shopping on my own. I pulled together the boys’ Easter baskets, picked up a few knick knacks, and generally piddled around a few stores that I rarely visit.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I loved this day. Too often I forget to slow down and do the things that really aren’t necessary. Usually I must have an “end result”. Will my house be cleaner? Will I have fulfilled a step in my training plan? Blah, blah, blah, blah. It was really great to take a full day in which the entire “outcome” was just to enjoy. I’ll have a lot to do tomorrow, but this was totally worth it.

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