Life Lately…

Life lately has been a little…depleting. Work travel, long hours, disappointing human behavior, and just overall stress has taken a bit of a toll. So I realized that now would a good time to sit back, slow down, break the momentum, and make a happy list. It’s so easy to dig oneself into a hole and get stuck.

And that’s no fun.

But it’s also optional. So here goes.


– Spotting a minion face in the sidewalk
– Handmade gourmet caramels
– Warmer temperatures
– New socks that happen to be the softest on the planet
– Getting our Christmas decorations put away before Valentine’s Day


– Hotel neighbors who post humorous signs on their doors (above)
– Having grown sons who still ask to see movies with me
– Friends who text me photos of their children wearing Hello Kitty clothes (you know who you are)
– Realizing real progress towards a ginormous goal
– A much-needed haircut
– Squirrels who shamelessly steal food from the feral cats’ bowls at work


– Sweetest Frenchie puppy that makes one forget how long the line is in airport security
– Barren trees of winter that make it easier to spot bald eagles
– Taking the full lunch hour to eat slowly and read a book
– Snapping up the last four bars of holiday Zum soap — on clearance!
– Uninterrupted sleep
– A sincere and unexpected compliment given at the exact moment it is needed

Little things add up quickly and do so much to contribute to our happiness and counter the crap…if we take the time to reflect and honor them.

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  1. Eggleston, Don says:

    Good stuff, Laura Just what I needed to hear today

    Believe in yourself

    You are a gem Don

    Sent from my iPhone


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