It’s the Great Halloween Race, Charlie Brown!

dad as batman

How. Much. Fun. Is. This.

These are my kids before their second Great Halloween Race…and my Dad’s first. Tanner ran the 5K, Drew ran a 10K, Dad was a course monitor. I ran my third Halloween 10K. I’m so tickled to report that three was a charm; I posted a personal best today. SO FUN. I think maybe it was the high-five from Batman along the course. Those Superpowers come in handy.

The race boasted its typical array of funky costumes, but Mr. Stay Puft here blew my mind. This guy ran a half marathon like this — in a totally respectable time. (Then again, if my running buddy looked like his, I’d run wherever you told me.)

stay puft

Post-event happiness.

after the race

Post-post event silliness. Crash dummy ran over the squirrel.


This was an awesome day. I think a wonderful time was had by all. Time spent with my kids, time spent with my dad…life is good. I had to laugh, however, when my dad laughed at my kids’ costumes prior to the race. He looked at them and said, “Only your mother would think of something like this.” I took it as the highest of compliments.

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  1. Robyn Post says:

    So awesome! Made me giggle & smile!

    ~Love people. Cook them tasty food. ~Love bodies. Keep them strong. ~Love minds. Keep them centered. ~Love spirits. Keep them flowing. ~LOVE. Because we’re all connected.

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