Perfect. Just Perfect.

this way to arch

Friday marked the ten-year anniversary of my kids and I calling St. Louis home. And I cannot think of a more perfect way to celebrate than taking in the best of this city with my lifelong best friend and her wonderful family, who made the trek from Kansas City for this visit.

What a blast.

Friday started with a trip to the top of the Arch…after a few photos at the bottom.

family at the arch

My second family. I love them.

shawn and kaitlyn

Hello, St. Louis. I love you, too.

view from arch

After we took in the view from 630 feet, we put our feet back on the ground and walked to the west to find the City Garden.

kaitlyn and alex and bunny

This is Alex’s little buddy, Red. When in St. Louis, it’s all Cardinals, all the time. Even if you’re from Kansas City.

As it should be.

And Alex clearly looks like a natural Cardinals fan.

alex and red

Here’s adorable Kaitlyn demonstrating her climbing skills.

(As if she needs the extra height. She’s already taller than me.)

kaitlyn and bunny

Even Kelli and I got into the posing action.

This photo was more difficult for a couple of 40+ year olds than one would think. I’m quite proud of this.

kelli and laura

Next we headed to Ballpark Village for lunch…where I took a rare “selfie” with my buddies.

Those who know me well have probably noticed that there are more photos of me in this blog post than in the entirety of my blog archive.


Next stop: the City Museum. Otherwise known (to me) as the coolest place on earth.

There are no words to describe the awesomeness that is a trip to the City Museum.

city museum

The kids climbed, slid, hid, crawled, ran, and had a fantastic time at this place where imagination knows no limits.

kaitlyn and alex in a cage


Of course a trip to St. Louis doesn’t count unless you take in a game at Busch Stadium. The boys met up with us and we all got to see a Cardinals winner. (Photo stolen shamelessly from Kelli.)


Me and my guys. What a ride these ten years have been.


Day Two!!

Saturday started with a trip to the Zoo. I’d forgotten how many animal babies we have here. So cute.

baby kangaroo



Alex made a new friend.

alex and gorilla

Pretty sure that Red Panda was a favorite for everyone during this visit. Look at that little guy. I wanted to hug him.

red panda

Next stop: Grant’s Farm. This place is truly a gem…and admission is totally free.

big rainbow

happy goats

alex and goat

One of my favorite incidents happened at the Grant’s Farm merry-go-round. Once the kids were on board, the elderly ticket taker told Kelli and Shawn that he’d been working since 9:00 a.m. and their kids were the first to say “thank you” all day.

It was after 4:00 p.m.

I couldn’t have been prouder if these were my own kids. Funny, adorable, kind, and perfect manners. Without question, these kids are being brought up right. It was a joy to get to spend so much time with them. And obviously with their mom and dad, too. I sure wish we could do this more often.

But I could not be more grateful for this perfect weekend.


Love you so, so much, Kelli, Shawn, Kaitlyn and Alex!!!!

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  1. Kelli says:

    And we love you all, so very, very much!! This past weekend was absolutely amazing! All of us had so much fun! I LOVED getting to spend so much time with you. As I was thinking over this past weekend tonight, I realized this was the most time we had gotten to spend together in the past 6+ years. Realizing that just made me that much more thankful and grateful for this past weekend. Thank you so much, to you and to Drew and Tanner, for spending so much of your special weekend with us. Especially since it was your 10 year anniversary weekend! Reading your post above brought tears to my eyes and just made me even more thankful for our friendship, and humbled me with all the kind words you had to say. Love you and miss you already!


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