Happy Day


“Making Tracks for the Zoo” with the boys at an early morning 5K. The finish was a personal best for both of the boys — and Drew finished 2nd in his age group, Tanner finished 14th. It wasn’t a personal best for me in terms of time, but I finished in the top 35% of women in my age group and top 42% overall — which is a total personal best for me! I’m really happy with that. This is never my objective, but it sure was a nice surprise.

After we finished the race, we took in a little bit of the zoo. This was one of my favorite sightings of the day. Cute little baby Sifaka with his mamma.


After a nap this afternoon, I headed to the neighborhood hardware store. As I got out of the car, I was tickled to see my favorite couple strolling hand-in-hand into the store. And when I got inside and turned the corner, I saw half of my favorite couple with one of my other favorites: Archie the hardware store cat. Look at that kitty’s face. Pure bliss. It was the sweetest thing. The woman talked softly to him and patted him so, so gently. I stopped in my tracks for a few moments and just watched the exchange. This made me so happy.


After a few really, really tough days, this was a refreshing day of small, happy and much-needed blessings.

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