25 Questions to Ask Yourself — Last One

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Wrapping up the 25 Questions to Ask Yourself with the final five questions.
(Parts I and II here and here.)

21.) If you had to teach something, what would you teach?
A.) Elementary school art

22.) Time or money?
A.) I think this is kind of a dumb question. Money is pointless without time, but time requires money, at least to a certain extent. But if given the choice between a monetary bonus at work or additional time off, I’d rather have the time. 

23.) Are you aware that someone has it worse than you do?
A.) Number 14 from yesterday touched on this, but when you take your child for chemotherapy at a pediatric cancer unit every two weeks for a year, you become achingly aware that, no matter what is going on with you, a lot of people have it worse than you. 

24.) What makes you smile?
A.) This question. Hello Kitty. My kids. Their goofy socks. My friends. Our cats. Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”. Strange Donuts. Pug puppies. Derek marathons on Netflix. The birds building a nest in our lamp-post. Good cameras. Quirky old people. Chai latte. Hyacinths. A strong run. Old family photos. Pope Francis. Pi pizza. Seeds of Happiness. Instagram. Fleece socks. Pandas. The Dalai Lama. Dinosaurs. Balloon animals. Snowmen. Sesame Street. Monarch butterflies. Peeps. Babies. Dr. Seuss. Christmas lights. Origami cranes. Dug the Dog from “Up”. Cupcakes. Stevie Wonder songs. Kevin Spacey. Fresh crayons.  

25.) What would you fully regret not doing, being or having in your life?
A.) Isn’t that technically three questions? What would I regret not doing? Having kids. Being? A mom. Not having in my life? My kids. 

 Think I’m good on the reflection front for now. But this has been fun. 🙂

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  1. Robyn Post says:

    This whole line of questions and your answers make ME smile. Seriously…I wanted to yell YES to nearly everything you said in Q24. All if that is why I continue to wonder why it is we didn’t connect earlier in life. So glad we are changing that. Xo

    ~Love people. Cook them tasty food. ~Love bodies. Keep them strong. ~Love minds. Keep them centered. ~Love spirits. Keep them flowing. ~LOVE. Because we’re all connected.

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