Time to GO!


Today was a very good day.
For several reasons.
After several months of training, Drew and I got to run the GO! St. Louis Half Marathon!
This was Drew’s first half and my third. And boy, did he smoke that course. Initial race results had him finishing 100th out of more than 6,000 runners, but a later adjustment had him finishing 99th. I’m so happy for him. His hard work paid off in a big, big way.
And we had lots of family support. Tanner and my dad volunteered as course monitors, so I got hugs at the top of Holy Hill. That was awesome. Then we got more hugs at the finish line from my brother, who came to town just to support us.
Family is a very good thing.

And so are friends. I got to run the half with my running buddy Holly, shown below. If there is one photo to summarize everything there is to know about my friend Holly, this is it. She is perpetual movement and laughter. This was taking in our holding corral prior to the start. She looked just like this at the finish, too. So hilarious.


My goal for this year was to complete two half marathons.
One down, one to go!

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