“There’s that moment every year. We sit down to a much-awaited table – the sum of the attention of to-do lists across town. Not a detail missed. Yet no matter how perfect the setting, it is something else for which we are grateful: the simple pause that comes from the gathering.

That’s it. The reflection invited in looking around at all the faces that brought you to this place. The year behind and the year before. And the stories you have lived, be they light or heavy, they have made of you something beautiful.

Here is to the gratitude for that place of pause today. Find it in the company you keep. The hug to be had. The glass to clink. The quiet of its close. We are – each of us – the sum of all of life’s tables around which we have sat. Today we are grateful for the table we share with you.” – quote from Artifact Uprising Instagram post.

I thought this was one of the most beautiful posts I’ve read in a long time. Summarizes this day beautifully.

For time spent with family and a first-ever Thanksgiving Day run with my boys, I’m so grateful.

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