Dear So-and-So…








Well, my firstborn is 21. We celebrated with a Veteran’s Day road trip to see the Chicago Bulls play. While there, we were formally introduced to Sprinkles Cupcakes and experienced Chicago’s first snow of the season. But people-watching along the way has reminded me that I haven’t done a Dear So-and-So post in a very, very long time. So here goes.

Dear Cracker Barrel cashier:
Thank you for pretending to share my enthusiasm for my Hello Kitty finds. Really. Employee of the Month should have your name on it.
I Know. I Need An Intervention.

Dear Hateful Walgreen’s cashier:
While I appreciate your commitment to your authentic self, could you perhaps pretend to tolerate your human counterparts? Take a clue from aforementioned Cracker Barrel cashier.
You Might Be Better Suited For The Stockroom

Dear Mr. Hotel Concierge Guy:
Thank you for explaining the Chicago public transit system to me. Twice.
I Kinda Just Wanted To Hear Your Groovy Accent Again

Dear Skip-Bayless-Wannabe Next To Me At Bulls Game:
Your girlfriend is not impressed by your running commentary of the game and made-up nicknames for each player, as evidenced by her preoccupation with her phone.
Unless You’ve Had a Beer With Him, It’s Joakim. Not Joe.

Dear Drew and Tanner:
Thanks for a great birthday road trip. I know you’ll eventually have your own families and these opportunities will dwindle as your adult lives unfold. But for now I’ll love every minute.
Thanks For Making Memories With Your Mom

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