Fall Sunday Fun Day


…And they’re off!!

See Batman and the Riddler at the front of the starting line? Those are my guys, barreling out of the gate and running their first 5K race with reckless abandon.


Pre-race silliness. I can’t begin to tell you how many people asked to pose for photos with them. It was hilarious. Especially small kids. The little guys LOVED Batman and Riddler.

And a lot of adults loved this guy. I, for one, am trying to figure out how he did a 10K without his makeup running.


At the end of the race, I had two kids who finished in the top five of their respective age groups. Did I mention that this was their first run? Did I also mention that there were over 1,300 people in the 5K? Drew finished 69th overall, Tanner finished 125th. I nearly fell over. I knew they were fast, but I didn’t realize they were THAT fast. The only thing I can say about my own performance in the 10K is that I finished.


After the race, we went home and met up with a college buddy of the kids and headed to Eckert’s Farm to hand pick our pumpkins right out of the patch. Thus continuing the Halloween theme and contributing to our Fall Sunday Fun Day.


Tanner and Haley got a kick out of the HUGE pumpkins sitting out front.


Meanwhile, I got a kick out of the families with small children having their special day at the farm. So many parents working so hard to create great memories for their kids. It made my heart grow three sizes.


A statement shirt.

IMG_9703 IMG_9705 IMG_9707 IMG_9710

Lots of folks picked apples from the trees that were full to overflowing with fruit. It was fun to see little bitty kids eating their fruit right after pulling it down from the tree.


Tanner found a winner!


Haley found a winner!

IMG_9725 IMG_9727

And here’s what happened to my winner.


I’m sore and exhausted, but altogether happy with a completely perfect day.

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  1. Amy says:

    Love the pictures! What a perfect Sunday.


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