Little Amusements

Yes, my college-aged sons picked up a girl’s Happy Meal in order to bring a Hello Kitty home to their mom. I love my kids.


Thanks to the movie Stranger Than Fiction, I kept waiting to hear some sort of Emma Thompson narrative while peering at this guitar display in a music store window. I would especially love to know what the pink guitars would had to say.


Tonight’s sunset had me pulling into a parking lot to snag a couple of photos….and I joined several other drivers who did the exact same thing. It was really funny. Although I don’t know that I’ll ever take a photo that will do God’s handiwork justice.


And last but not least, these little guys were the calm before the swarm. Soon after, thousands upon thousands of birds swooped in and descended upon my office parking lot, raining deposits on cars and giving an overall feeling of Hitchcock creepiness. But it was amazing to watch.


A couple of strange little distractions to break up an otherwise uncomfortably busy week.

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  1. Amy says:

    Best kids ever!! Love it!


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