Ten Thousand Hills

Parents’ Day Weekend at Tanner’s fraternity house brought a much-needed road trip this weekend.
It’s so weird to see how grown up and independent my youngest child has become. Weird, but fun.

Early this morning I decided to stop by a state park before heading home. Ten Thousand Hills State Park is just outside of town and is really gorgeous. At that hour, I seemed to be the only person in the area. So not only was it super cold, it was as quiet a place I’ve ever been. With each step I took, the crunch of leaves underfoot seemed to echo rudely across the lake. Ugh. But I finally made my way to the shoreline.
There were shells everywhere! I know these are broken, but the inner color was so beautiful.

It was mostly overcast, but a few nice reflections peeked through.

And this last photo pretty much sums me up in a nutshell. I am seriously one of the most distracted people on the planet.

Once I reached the shore, I walked around for quite some time in a search of photo subjects. I walked, stopped, hovered, squatted — basically wandered all over the place. Finally, when my fingers started to feel chilled and stiff, I decided to head to the car. That’s when I figured out that I’d lost my keys somewhere among the rocks. I can’t tell you how many lens caps I’ve lost this way. I had to literally retrace my entire trip along the shoreline. But guess who came to my rescue?! Hello, Kitty! Her little pink suit and bow popped out among the rocks and she saved the day. Now I’m happy to be home and I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving when Tanner comes home and I have my family back together again.

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