Eat, Play, Love

One of the things I’ve thoroughly enjoyed about running is the portrait of my neighborhood that is painted every time I head out the door. A few deep breaths lets me know who’s doing laundry. Or barbecuing. Or smoking in exile on porches. A few extra newspapers littering the driveway is a good indicator of who’s on vacation. I know which houses have basketball goals or baseballs that are faithfully put to use by kids and their dads — or moms (thank you very much). Ah, there’s a permit taped to a front window…somebody’s renovating. I’ve seen new puppies join families, kids in soccer uniforms pile out of minivans, countless high school sporting events at the nearby stadium.

But one of my favorite things I’ve seen is this birthday wish to an eleven-year old boy. In our neighborhood, all of the schools are super close, so everyone walks. Apparently this little guy’s buddies (or family) knew his route and used sidewalk chalk to mark up an entire block with birthday wishes…all the way to school. What a sweet thing to do!

Life’s simple pleasures make all the hard work worthwhile.

On a somewhat related note (simple pleasures), I read an article called “It’s a Dog’s Life: Eat, Play, Love” that I wanted to pass along.  An excerpt:

“What if you went through today — one day — living your life the way a dog sees it? Thrilled to go for a short walk, ecstatic over meeting another dog, happy as can be just to feel someone’s touch, playing with the simplest toys. Yes, be your own dog — for a day. Appreciating every moment. Loyal to those who love you. Courage to defend what needs to be defended. Eating with appreciation. Looking with awe at a pigeon. It’s a dog’s life.

What if you had a tail you could wag? Would you wag it? I would.”

For the entire article, click here. Grab tissue.

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