Oh, how I’ve missed you…


Since late last year, I’ve rarely bothered to go into the cookie aisle at the grocery store. As soon as I saw the end-of-season hole in the shelf where my beloved Mallomars used to be stocked, the aisle lost its meaning. The other cookies perked up, straightening themselves up in the hopes that we would now notice them and consider making them a part of our family…only to quickly hang their heads in disappointment. Please. What’s the point? I did try the candy corn flavored Oreos, hoping that would help. Eh. Not bad. But no substitute for Mallomars.

As the leaves have started turning and Halloween candy has made its way to store shelves, I’ve been peeking down the cookie aisle with the slightest glimmer of hope. It’s fall. Fall is the cusp of Mallomar season.
I went to the store today to put together a care package for my college freshman, an even bigger Mallomar freak than myself. Could this be the day? Could the Cookie Gods really be that kind?

And there they were.

Yes, the boxes in the photo belong to us. All five of them.
Hey, life is short…and Mallomar season is even shorter. We have but four months to consume these bad boys and we’re not wasting one second of it. We’re making up for eight months of mourning.

(Okay, I’m clearly embellishing here (although we really did buy five boxes). It’s a blog. Whaddrya gonna do. But these things are really good. If you can find them, give them a try. They’re worth it.)

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  1. Mallomars are but a 4 month season of edible goodness? Who knew! I’ve never looked in the grocery store…i just always thought they were there.


    1. I know, right?! Turns out that the distribution is limited in terms on time and geography! Check this out: https://heytherefriends.com/2011/11/30/ill-have-what-shes-having/


      1. I just did some research. You know what’s funny, they are made in Canada now, near Toronto and shipped to the U.S. We don’t have Mallowmars here in Canada exactly. Kraft/Nabisco calls them Dream Puffs (according to wikipedia) I’m going to check it out next time I goto to the grocery store. I am now intrigued.


      2. No kidding? Wow! I didn’t realize that. I absolutely love these things. I hope you are able to give them a try.


      3. I’m going to look for them in New York 😉


  2. Amy says:

    So I bought the candy corn Oreos and took them to work. They were gone in no time. Seems that my coworkers loved them (and I did, too). I also bought some for my husband to take to work and he wouldn’t let them leave the house. We are candy corn Oreo converts!


    1. Candy corn Oreos are the happiest looking cookies. I love the colors!!


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