I’ll Have What She’s Having.

A lunchtime purchase based on a suh-weet tip from a wonderful friend
Thank you, Amy! Merry Christmas to me!
An after work trip to the grocery store was off to a funny start with this guy in the parking lot. His big mug fogged up the window every time he breathed. We felt bad because he was so cold, but he just cracked us up. 
But here’s where our trip got really fun. 
Context: Remember the scene in When Harry Met Sally when Billy Crystal is trying to convince himself that his New Year’s Eve in solitude is going well because he has “Dick Clark (that’s tradition) and Mallomars, the greatest cookies of all time…”? 
I have been looking for this greatest cookie of all time ever since. Kid you not. And I’ve never even seen a box in person. I actually thought that they were discontinued or something.
That is, until today. 
Look what we found in the cookie aisle. I nearly fell over. Tanner, of course, had no idea who Harry or Sally was, let alone what a Mallomar was. But get this — it would seem that this really is somewhat of a rare find because they’re not available everywhere. In fact, they are only sold between October and the end of the year — and 70 – 75% are distributed in New York and New Jersey. Apparently there is a three step process in which true connoisseurs consume their Mallomars (illustration here). The New York Times even did a piece on these a long time ago. Heck, I feel like we’ve unearthed the Holy Grail of cookies. 
In honor of this awesome find, guess what DVD I’m digging out and watching for the umpteenth dozenth time.

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  1. Amy says:

    Yay, so glad you got a HK shirt! I love the dog, too. Never had a Mallomar but have heard of them…not sure if I've seen them in stores before either. Do you love them? Was it worth the wait? At first, I thought you were going to say that you were spending NYE in Times Square!


  2. The Mallomars are really good! I'm just so happy to finally try one. Wouldn't New Year's Eve in NYC be fun?!


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