Your smile made me happy.

After another full day of training today, I decided to forgo my run and just wander around the lake with my camera.
I snagged a sandwich to go, sat on the pier and took it all in.
Even as the sun was making its way down, there was still a lot of activity on the water.

Notice the dog on the body board with the guy? How cool would that be??
There’s something so soothing about watching sailboats.
It’s one of my favorite things.
I can’t begin to tell you how long I sat there.
Peace does that to a person.
But today, this peace started before I reached the water.
For a few weeks now, I’ve been in a new job that, while I enjoy it very much and have no question that it is where I’m meant to be, it’s still new. New skill sets, new people…just new. My brain has been abuzz almost 24/7 since I started, trying to learn, adjust, understand, remember. It’s been pretty exhausting.
This intense seminar has made the buzzing in my head even louder.
It was still buzzing when I stopped by a sandwich place on my way to the lake after class.
Then, when I asked the worker behind the counter why he didn’t charge me for my soda, in broken English he replied, “Your smile made me feel happy.” In that moment, my buzzing brain came to an abrupt halt.
I’ve been spending so much time over the past few weeks concentrating on what I skills I lack or areas that I’m insufficient that I’ve forgotten what I am able to do no matter where I am or what I do.
I can be present to people.
A long time ago, I interviewed one of the Sisters in our sponsoring congregation and she described being present as essentially their mission. To be present, to listen, to connect…to be the presence of God. I’ve never forgotten it. It’s so simple in concept, but so difficult to do. I was so grateful for the reminder. Thank you, Sandwich Guy. Thanks to you, my smile made both of us feel happy tonight.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Annice says:

    Your beautiful smile will melt an iceberg


    1. Aww, thank you, Annice — right back atcha.


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