Glimpses Three, Four and Five Explained

Glimpses Three, Four and Five were dedicated to different parts of a day spent in Seattle with the best tour guide ever — my cousin Eric. He used to live in Seattle and was kind enough to show us around. Knowledgeable and so hilarious, Eric made sure we covered some serious territory.
Prior to meeting him, the boys and I first we took the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. Yowza, it was cold!
But it was so awesome when the Seattle skyline appeared on the horizon.


We walked and walked, taking in different parts of town, all interesting and landscaped beautifully.

Admittedly, Glimpse Four was a little less obvious than the others.
Welcome to…the Gum Wall.
Yes, it’s exactly what the name would imply. This entire alley was a colorful mural of zany graffiti and chewed gum.

Here’s an artist in action.

Of course a trip to Seattle wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the space needle.

It’s hard to see, but Drew is wearing a neon Oregon hat in the above photo. He has a knack for wearing opposing team gear everywhere we go. To his credit, he picked up a Washington jacket to balance things out.

We also saw a bit more glass sculpture, as the newly-opened Chihuly museum was next door.

Also next door was the EMP Museum. I don’t know much about it beyond the fact that it’s dedicated to music and it’s the coolest looking building ever. The colors!!!

We also saw the market and the first Starbucks…

(Loved this musician out front. He was cat-daddy cool.)

A thoroughly wonderful day. I think my boys would move in a heartbeat.

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