Glimpses Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten Explained

Our last day in town, Uncle Don and Aunt Gloria (and Gus!) took us on a big road trip that included Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park.

Check out all of the remaining snow!

Yes, my kids are planking. Sigh.

Forgot to show a funky little detour that we saw on the way. Check out this farm! Trolls and fun weirdness!

A picnic lunch followed at Crescent Lake…

Followed by a hike to another beautiful waterfall. This hike was a mile and a half and involved some nice, rocky inclines.
Again, my Uncle Donnie amazed us.
The trees in this forest were HUGE!
This guy was by far the biggest that we saw.

Okay, another creeper moment. I’m sorry, but I thought this little couple was cute as they strolled through the forest.

Uncle Donnie led the kids along the way…

…until we reached our destination.

Another perfect day on one of our favorite trips to date.
Family, fun, new sites, new experiences…we felt so loved and blessed.
Big love and thanks to Uncle Don, Aunt Gloria and Gus for making sure that our little family had an unforgettable adventure.

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