Glimpse Two Explained

Glimpse Two included photos from a day trip to a magnificent waterfall and Port Townsend.
Uncle Don took us on a little trek through the woods right to the place where the waterfall pours out.
I have no idea how he knew where this was; the road/path wasn’t marked in any way.
I’m not indiscreet enough to reveal his age, but lemme tell ya, Uncle Donnie can hike with guys a fraction his age.

Even the graffiti on the trees was pretty. Not sure why anyone would do that to a poor tree, but it made for a nice photo.

Lots of flowers bloomed all around and apparently the cottonwood trees were letting loose. It looked like it was snowing at one point.

Then we piled back into the van (with Gus waiting patiently) and headed to Port Townsend.

Gus was with us the entire way — complete with his own car seat. He enjoyed our stops, too.

I’m sorry if this photo makes me a “creeper” (as my sons put it), but this couple and the resulting composition was too good to pass up. Seriously, I love them. It looks like we’re in another country or something. The hula hoop? The red hair? The lighthouse? Handholding and staring into each other’s eyes? Are you kidding?
This is possibly my favorite photo I’ve ever taken.

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  1. Amy says:

    Did that couple know you were taking their picture?? lol! I have been to Port Townsend twice before and the last time in January!


    1. No, they had no idea. This drives my kids crazy. But I turned to take a picture of the lighthouse and that couple was just standing there. I couldn’t help myself. 🙂


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