Smelling the Flowers, Catching My Breath

I’m convinced that my gym keeps beautiful landscaping near the front door so people like me have an excuse for walking slowly to the car and save face.
Exhausted? Oh no, I’m not exhausted; I’m smelling the flowers.
Of course my workout didn’t kick my butt; I’m admiring these blooms.

(In my defense, I really do admire these blooms.
But good grief, tonight’s run was a little on the brutal side.)

On a fun note, I bought some super sweet sneaks today and gave them a try tonight.
They’re so light, bright and cheerful. Love, love.
Even the shoebox was happy!

And my super sweet sneaks took me on the longest run I’ve ever had.
Of course my longest run is a warm up by serious runners’ standards, but I was feeling proud.
While stopping in front of the landscaping to admire the flowers, I texted my kids to let them know how I did.

Their support is so enthusiastic and it makes this so much more fun. I’m not sure I could keep this up without them.
Tonight I even got a “Woohoo! You go gurl!” text.

Made me laugh out loud and forget my aching legs.
I love my kids.

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