Baby it’s cold outside

I’ve heard it said that every mile is two in winter. 
If that is the case, then we had a very, very long walk today.
If it’s not the case, then it sure felt like it. 
Brrrr, it was cold out there. Jeepers. 
But I love how cardinals pop out like neon signs in the bare trees this time of year. 
And because they’re cold, they puff themselves up like little billiard balls. 

Other critters, however, are not so visible in the monochromatic landscape of the woods. 
A little seek and find challenge: 
How many deer do you see in this photo?
The answer is four. 
(One to the left behind the tree trunk, one laying on the ground and visible under the felled park of the tree, two standing behind the lower part of the felled tree — one facing the camera, one looking off to the right)
Synchronized posers were a little more obvious.

Then there are the creatures who can only be detected by what they leave behind. 
I’m talking about paw prints in this particular instance, by the way.
Although a guy on the trail informed me that these prints are those of a small coyote as evidenced by a bit of nearby “scat.” 
Ah. Thanks, dude.  

Tomorrow isn’t going to get much warmer, so I’m thinking that fleece and flannel in the warmth of the house is the plan, with the possibility of Valentine making and baking.

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