Hey, doesn’t that look like…

Ralph Waldo Emerson thought that the earth laughs in flowers. 
I don’t disagree, but it seems to me that acorn caps might be part of the repertoire, too.
This little Wall-e-ish face staring back at me and Tanner made us crack up this afternoon.
Seemed like we did a lot of “hey, doesn’t that look like…” today. 
Like this strangely beautiful growth on a stump. It looked like an unfinished frosted cake. 

And this worn, weathered tree trunk looked more like a painter’s canvas.

And just for fun, check out the trees below. Can you see the hawk perched at the top?
Just the fact that you can see him at all should give you an idea of how big that bad boy was. 

A really nice walk for several miles with my boy. 

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