A Look Back

Every now and then, I get the urge to rummage through my blog’s archives and look back to the same date a year ago and see what was going on. Since we’re calling it a wrap for 2010, I thought it would be fun to take a bigger look at a few highlights from the past year:
– the sweet discovery of the Hipstamatic (not to be underestimated)
– some super fun concerts, including B.B. King & Buddy Guy, Sting, and Trevor Hall
– Country Bear Jamboree costume… and another, and another, and another
– the best cupcake cookbook ever
– birthday trip to New York and the Tim Burton exhibit
– exhibition tennis match with a legend
– a big birthday… and another big birthday
bed & breakfast and circus museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin
– high school tennis and a perfect day
– a friend’s artistic debut
– tennis at the Show-Me Games, Tulsa, Wichita (keys and storm grates do not mix) 
lovely time spent with Sisters … and getting stuck in the mud
– working with the boys to make a house a home
– a twist to senior pictures
– stumble into Popeye country
I know that we didn’t go to exotic places or do anything extravagant, but this past year was awfully good to us. We saw some new things, went to some new places and made some great memories. I loved every minute of it. Taking a peek into next year, our little family has some big changes ahead — including a high school graduation and start of college for one son and the start of a senior year for the other. But I don’t want to think about that yet because it makes me a little sad. Instead, I’m going to look back in gratitude for wonderful times that were had and start planning for more in 2011. 

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