Winter Wonderland

A Christmas morning road trip, freshly fallen snow, two sleepy (oblivious) boys made for an irresistible urge for a photo detour along the route to grandma and papa’s house.   
My original destination was a tree farm, but snow makes even the most boring landscapes absolutely breathtaking. So my little detour took a bit longer than I’d planned. 
 And the tree farm was as lovely as I’d hoped. What a perfect Christmas day. 
 But nothing compares to the beauty of the frost that coated the earth this morning. Every twig, every berry, every needle… it was unreal. Up close, everything looked like it had been coated in margarita salt. 
 From a distance, everything looked like it was lost in some magical haze. Mother Earth is so freaking awesome. 

I’m always sad to see holidays come to a close, but I’m really sad to see this one go. From snow on Christmas Eve to lots of time spent with family, it was so perfect in so many ways. But now I’m home and ready to start gearing up for a wonderful new year. Look out, house — you’re first on my list! 

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