Happy Place

When the kids play tennis, I often find myself wandering around to distract myself. Today was no exception and boy, did I get distracted. The main site for this tournament is a community center that houses everything from a library to a gymnasium. And lookie what I found out back behind the library…

The peaceful pond was an oasis behind a lovely little garden/sitting area…and these fantastic bronze critters. As I sat on one of the garden benches, I was reminded of my sketchbook theme “If you lived here.” I felt so at peace, so very happy in this little space, I had to wonder, “If you lived here, would this place be so magical? Or would you just get used to it?” I suppose I shouldn’t overanalyze; it was my happy place today.
Blogging from the hotel business center right now because my laptop decided it doesn’t want to let me in. A loud bald guy just made a grand entrance and brought his best friend Jack Daniels with him. He says, “Damn, girl! Why are you so jumpy?” Damn, bald guy, you’re a little loud. I want my happy place back.

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  1. Amy says:

    Stunning pictures! And your business center note has my smiling. 🙂


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