A late afternoon walk through the neighborhood with Drew. Wonderful company and lots of lovely things along the way, including yellow lady bugs.

Never noticed before, but several of our neighbors have apple trees. Who knew. 
Funky purple blooms on a vine are winding all the way up a power line — so cool.
And my personal favorite, we saw lots of surprise lilies. I was introduced to the surprise lily several years ago. These flowers pop up out of nowhere (hence, the surprise). The first time I saw one was the day I lost my sweet little pug, Tia. After coming home from the vet’s office without my beloved little girl, I saw in my yard this strange, solitary stalk without any leaves and a single bud at the top. I didn’t even know what it was, but for some reason I took comfort in it. Over the coming days, I kept an eye on this weird plant as its lovely blooms unfolded. When it was in fully opened, I went online to find out what it was. Come to find out, not only is this flower known as a “surprise lily,” it is also known as “the resurrection lily.” Okay, really? I couldn’t help but cry. A coincidence? Oh perhaps, but I don’t think so. For a dog that gave everything she had while she was here, it’s not surprising that she found a way to give more after she was gone. So today I know them as “Tia’s flowers.” And I say “thank you” every time I see them.

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