As long as we’re here

“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” = Walter Hagen Both of my fur-boys seem to enjoy stopping to smell the flowers. And it always reminds me to pause in appreciation. We are given so many tiny opportunities to savor, if…


Day fifteen. Good night and God bless.

Choose the better

“Hate has 4 letters, so does Love. Enemies has 7 letters, so does Friends. Lying has five letters, so does Truth. Negative has 8 letters, so does Positive. Under has 5 letters, so does Above. Cry has 3 letters, so does Joy. Angry has 5 letters, so does Happy. Right has 5 letters, so does…

My Boy

My boy. He’s been a part of our lives for almost 16 years. With age, he’s become demanding, high-maintenance and a stickler for routine. He loves to nap in the sunshine or sprawled across our laps. He eats three times a day and when he is hungry, he will not stop complaining until his meal…

Ah, yes.

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” – Banksy

Through Today’s Lens

“It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.” — Henry David Thoreau Bubble Bus bubbles clinging to my car’s windshield or a whimsical, magical temporary art installation? A lost and beaten-up button or a funny/creepy little face? Roses through a rain-soaked window or a watercolor dream? A sleeping cat or a…


The difference between our cats: a photo essay. These two. They look exactly alike, but they could not be more different. Can’t tell who’s who? Hint: Murphy loves us; Violet loves gravity.

Almost There

 Murphy is feeling Friday already. Photo Credit: Tanner


…today is National Cat Day. Then again, these aren’t just cats. They’re family. And we love them.

Because He’s Happy?

Not sure why, but Murphy has had a thing for Pharrell’s “Happy” video for ages now. I try to play it for him once or twice a week. More often than not, he’ll come find the phone whenever he hears the first few notes. I have no idea what the draw is for him, but there’s a lot…


Until today, I’d never noticed that our cats even nap alike. Murphy on the left, Violet on the right. They’re definitely family.

Thanks, Twitter!

Thanks to some useless trivia I discovered via twitter, I’ve dug up a couple of favorite photos in honor of World Cat Day! Many happy returns!

That is all.

Apparently Murphy has turned the decorative basket on my dining room table into his hammock. It’s a mystery.

Baking With Ch-ch-ch-Chia Seeds

Look who kept me company as I baked this evening. I’m not sure why he was so fascinated, but I enjoyed his supervision. Tonight I made cinnamon chia granola (recipe here) and lemon chia bread. The bread is somewhat tart and very tasty. Not to mention simple and healthy. Recipe below if you want to…

National Puppy Day in Our House

This is the weirdness that happens when you pull up the Hipstamatic without checking which lens and film you’re using before taking the photo. Murphy had commandeered my laundry basket and was clearly feeling rather slick about it. It was a great photo-op that didn’t turn out quite as I had planned. Doesn’t this look…

This about sums it up.

Not an exciting weekend by any stretch, but I’m still sad to see it go.  But I’m digging the House marathon on cable this evening.