When the old is new

So I post about this pretty much every year. Or at least it feels like it. And I’m totally good with it.

Because some things just can’t be emphasized or lifted up enough.

This is my favorite Christmas decoration — and it gets put out first in my house during the holidays. No tree, no trimmings, no trinkets…nothing goes up before my grampa’s chapel.

It was made by hand more than 100 years ago and the light inside still works. Grampa modeled it after the first church he and grandma attended together. The choir singer candles have accompanied the piece since I was a little girl, but the trees have been added in the recent years since the chapel became mine.

And while I post about this regularly, this year’s post is a little different. First of all, can we talk about how cool the Hipstamatic app made the above photo look? It reminds me of a vintage Good Housekeeping image. If I didn’t already have my Christmas cards printed, this would totally be my image of choice. I am so in love with it.

Second, this is the first time I’ve ever noticed the two figures on the porch of the original/actual chapel in the image below. How on earth have I missed that all these years?? How cool is that? I obviously have no idea who they are – and there’s no way of knowing. But somehow I love this original photo even more.

So there it is…a new look at one of my most treasured possessions.

Until next time.

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  1. marlagro says:

    You’re grandpa made this church model? It is beautiful! ❤


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