Scenes from a Sunday Run

My Sunday long run was on Grant’s Trail, a route I haven’t taken since last fall.

Some random observations:

1.)  This sign made me laugh out loud because it reminded me of a pain scale in an emergency room. Which is entirely appropriate when you’re in the middle of a tough run.

2.) I also wondered if maybe the sign was suggesting that we can choose our attitude. At this point in my run, I was hot, gross, and all kinds of irritable. I can’t say that I decided to be totally happy after seeing this, but I did decide to smile, suck it up and be a little less of a crab.

3.) Seeing the Clydesdales never gets old.

4.) Reckless cyclists without helmets who pass by too closely on the trail get old really quick.

5.) When you haven’t taken an out-and-back route for a long time, it’s not a good idea to rely on memory. “I’ll just run out and turn around at the Clydesdales” ended up being a bit longer than I’d remembered. Hence the crabbiness referenced in observation #2.

5.) Stopping to admire the flowers is always a good idea.

6.) A good music playlist can make everything better.

7.) There’s wisdom to be found in sidewalk chalk.

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