Like it or not

“Here’s how you grieve 100,000 lives:
You wear a mask at the damn grocery store
and you wash your hands
and you keep your distance
and you show kindness to cashiers –
and you follow the simple rules put in place to keep people healthy and alive
because that’s what decent human beings do,

and because 100,000 grieving families deserve it.”

And we belong to each other. Whether we like it or not.
And frankly, right now I’m leaning heavily towards “not.” At this point, there are just a lot of my fellow Missourians for which I really don’t care to share mutual responsibility.

Why is it so freaking hard to make sacrifices for the near term while scientists work to find a solution to all of this? It’s a mask, not a tattoo. I understand the financial stresses that people are facing and the desire get businesses back up and running is justified — and I, too, am anxious to see things open responsibly. But is the “fear of missing out” on a pool party and other social gatherings really that much of a crisis for people that distancing rules need to be deliberately defied and disregarded? I cannot believe that caring about people’s health and believing in science is a side that needs to be picked.

I’m sure tomorrow I’ll return to beauty in nature, kindness and other regularly scheduled programming, but I’m just really not feeling it today.

(Quote spotted on instagram.)

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