“Mistakes are evidence that you are trying.”

Trying my hand at lomography and film has been providing me with a great deal of evidence that I am trying. Trying new things, trying to learn… and making mistakes.

This little Diana F+ and its 120 film has been a lesson in patience and a little on the humiliating side. But after struggling to load the film, burning through half a roll with the lens cap on and a moment of panic when I thought I’d exposed the rest, I think I’m finally on my way. Here are a few examples from my trial run at the Garden.

There is something unexpected and fun about having film developed. I’d forgotten how that anticipation feels. Digital has spoiled us with its instant feedback. We know in real time what we’ve done well and what we’ve missed. With film, it takes a day or two for that to unfold — and opening the envelope is a little surprise. Of course, after completely screwing up several rolls of Holga film and my mishaps with the Diana, I was feeling a little anxious when I made this last trip to the camera shop. I didn’t know if I was going to get back evidence that I’m trying or evidence that I’m making progress. I think I’m going to go with…progress.

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  1. buddy71 says:

    i think what would be nice is you take the same shot with a digital camera and compare the results


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