It’s Okay.

“Every time I feel like
I can’t hold all the sadness of this world,
I try to remember that I’m not a bowl. I’m a sieve.
I’m porous and full of holes. I’m not meant to
hold it; I just need to let it pass through me.”
– Nanae Hoffman, Sweatpants & Coffee

Another gem from Nanae Hoffman. May I simply say that I want to have her wisdom and self-awareness when I grow up? These are tough times to be an empath. It’s all too easy to absorb every ounce of sadness, anger, and injustice to the point of depletion. The above observation is exactly the lesson I’ve been trying to learn: discerning what to hold onto and what things I need to just let pass. We aren’t equipped to hold everything – and we don’t have to. Thank God. We can only do our best to be actively generous, compassionate, and kind — and let the excess roll. I prefer bowls to hold beautiful things.

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