Sunday Stuff

“This is your Sunday evening reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you.” — unknown

Since the anticipated ice didn’t happen today, my Sunday happily turned out to be a little more active than I’d anticipated. Got to go to church, went to lunch with my son, and headed out for a run.

Church brought an unexpected heart sighting next to my car…


…and more cute kids’ art.


My run brought lots of ice bits falling onto my head from various trees and power lines. But check out the complete ice leaf that fell to the ground intact from a tulip tree.


What a lovely surprise!

Sunday runs are awesome because I love the smell of fresh laundry wafting from houses’ ventilation. Somehow this scent makes me feel a little cozier in the cold. Although, I must offer a piece of unsolicited advice from a less-than-average runner: that little sliver of ankle that is exposed between the bottom of your leggings and the top of your ankle socks seems A LOT bigger when the temperatures are in the lower 30s. Note to self.

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