Signs of the Season

The leaves have been as reluctant to change as the temperatures have been slow to drop. But one thing is for sure, the days are gradually growing shorter — and my runs are getting darker. And over the past few days, I’ve noticed some sure signs of the season’s transition.

Resident chipmunk or neighbor’s squirrel has taken a liking to one of our pumpkins. And oh my, have our squirrels been skittish!  Like short-circuiting wind-up toys on crack.


Some neighborhood folks are in the spooky spirit.


This was a photo that Facebook reminded me I posted on this day — six years ago. Seriously? Have I really been on Facebook that long??


More spooky spirit stuff in the neighborhood.


But this was my favorite sighting of all. Two fiery pops of crimson right at my feet.


I think someone has an actual fire going either in their chimney or in their patio pit right now because I can smell the smokey drifts as they waft through our open windows.

Happy fall, y’all.

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