Art Adventure

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he* grows up.” – Pablo Picasso

*or she. Sorry, Pablo. 


Check out my Little Sister, the artist!

You can see her handiwork on this wonderful metro bus (in partnership with the Saint Louis Art Museum), along with the handiwork of lots of other artist-children.

What a fantastic idea!

This was the beginning of such a fun adventure at the art museum — a place my Little Sister had never visited before. In fact, she’d never even seen Forest Park from this vantage point.


After she painted the bus, we walked across the street so she could look out over Art Hill.

The photo doesn’t do the scene – or the day – justice. The weather was gorgeous, so there were picnickers, kite fliers, paddle boaters, bikers, and loungers everywhere.


Then we headed inside and this little girl had us exploring every square inch of this place.

Our favorites? The Chihuly…


…and Andy Goldsworthy’s Stone Sea.

This installation was created to fit in this specific space. The best part? You can see it from inside the museum…


…and outside (from above).


But the most unexpected surprise? Today was family art Sunday. So my buddy was able to create art at a workspace right inside a museum gallery. I was knocked out and so inspired. What a wonderful to encourage young artists (and old).


Today’s adventure made me love our museum and our city even more than before.

Can’t wait for fall!

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