Seek or Be Found

Yesterday after work, I decided to head to Forest Park to take some photos. And I was lucky enough to have my youngest come along to keep me company.

I was really hoping to find a few lovely late blooms or something really inspiring, but there really wasn’t much going on. The light was lovely, Tanner was great company, but I wasn’t thrilled with anything in front of my lens.

I dug this tree, however.


And the landscaping at the World’s Fair Pavilion had some interesting patterns.




But my favorite photo happened when we piled back into the car to leave. The photo below was the view out my front windshield. I looked up and…wow!

Tanner and I both laughed.

We can go out of our way to seek out photos, but sometimes the photos just find us. You just never know.


The same thing had happened yesterday morning before church. I pulled into the lot, crested the hill, and…well, hi there! Didn’t expect to see this! So apparently my parish has a carnival. Who knew! But this is another windshield photo.


Wait. This was actually my favorite photo from yesterday.


Not a picture I was expecting to take when I went to the Park, but it was a nice surprise. Love my boy.

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