I Stand Corrected.

Today was the first day of the GO! St. Louis Family Fitness weekend. First stop: Forest Park. I was set to volunteer for the elementary school races, but I went to the 5K first to see a few friends and colleagues race. As I waited for the 5K to start, I checked out the racers at the front. (So THAT’S what they look like from the front! I’m used to looking at their backs!)

But then I noticed something that made me chuckle.


Check out the little girl among the grown men. On one hand, I thought, “Awwww” to myself. Isn’t that cute? She thinks she can run in the front with the adults! Ah, kids. But on the other hand, I thought, “Oh, man, those serious racers are going to be mad when she slows them down and they trip over her.”

But then I watched her. She seemed to be standing her ground and remaining undaunted by the guys. Hmmm. And look at that – she had her hand poised to start her Garmin like she meant business. Hmmm, I thought. Maybe she’ll be okay.

Then, they were off.

Curiosity sent me to the finish line as I waited for my volunteer assignment. As expected, the top male finishers were in my picture of the start line. Guess who was the first female to cross the line?

You guessed it.


She didn’t hold ANYBODY up. Holy smokes! Sincere apologies for underestimating this young lady’s bada**ness. And kudos to her for recognizing her own bada**ness and being utterly fearless and without limitations.

I. Was. Wrong. And I have no problem admitting it.

I continued to marvel at this girl as I headed to my post.

Love this dude’s t-shirt. Yes. By all means, play nice!!!


And here was my job: course monitoring for the little ones near the finish line. This was a blast.


I pray that tomorrow is as fun when I’m running…

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