It’s a Mystery

“Life is a mystery, not a problem waiting to be solved.” — Albert Einstein

Very recently I’ve taken two photos with very similar – and unusual – subjects.



Two separate occasions, miles apart. Black and white glasses with varying levels of damage, sitting on concrete walls by parking lots.

I am a big believer of signs from the universe — and I tend to pay attention when it seems to be trying to tell me something. Maybe I’m strange, but these sightings seemed so obvious and so odd that I had to wonder if there was a message there.

But frankly, even after mulling it over…I’ve got nuthin’. Maybe it’s a sign that I need to listen to my colleagues and get cheaters so I can read without bobbing my head around. Maybe it’s a sign that I’ll soon be seeing answers to some bothersome questions more clearly. Maybe I need to start viewing certain circumstances through a different lens. Or maybe the universe is silently laughing that I’m over thinking something so small.

Who knows. It’s a mystery.

Then again, I suppose we’re not meant to understand everything. And isn’t it a relief that we don’t have to. Sometimes life is just…quirky, if for no other reason than to make for interesting photo opps.

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