(More Than) a Few of My Favorite Things


For better or worse, when I become a fan of something, I’m all in. Cardinals baseball, Roger Federer, Hello Kitty, pugs, Minions…moderation just doesn’t seem to be in my makeup.

Also among my favorite things: these cookies. And so it is, at least once a week, I have a ritual of visiting my neighborhood coffee shop for a chai latte and a photo of their hand-decorated cookies.

After a recent scroll through my Instagram account, I realized that, over time, I have photographed a hundred times more cookies than I’ll ever consume. I just cannot help myself. They are just so amazing. So I thought I’d share a small sample and a quick journey through the coffee shop cookies.

The vampires were new this week. They made me laugh out loud.


His and hers werewolves for Halloween…Father’s Day ties…summertime smiles and starfish…Halloween pumpkins…


Cardinals baseball…back to school…Mother’s Day hats…mummies…


Love and Blues…


St. Patrick’s Day…


Easter bunnies…


Uncle Sam…


Christmas critters…


Signs of summer…


A lonely dinosaur…


I don’t know when this love affair began, but I don’t foresee an end. I’ll continue to be happily inspired by the creativity and care that goes into a simple sugar cookie. Kahlil Gibran said it: “Work is love made visible.”

Nice work, coffee shop.

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