Unusual in the Typical

One thing that fascinates me about running is that, even though I usually take the same routes most of the time, every run is different. Different sights, sounds, weather, seasons…it all makes for a unique experience almost every day.

Since today was a long run in the middle of summer, I wasn’t expecting it to be much fun. But I was wrong. Temperatures were cooler and more comfortable than we’ve seen in days. Light rain made plants seem less stressed.

Flowers were blooming everywhere. LOTS of pink.


The first six miles melted away quickly and the shock of how great I felt added joy to my stride. Unlike other training runs this month, I wasn’t bogged down by the heat and I actually enjoyed looking around.

I saw this pretty bunny along the way. Isn’t he unusual? I know it’s a bad picture, but you get the idea of his unusual coloring.

And I laughed at the amazing timing of these vanity plates.

Never give up indeed.

If this morning taught me anything, it’s that amazing things happen when you keep going.


And here was my favorite sighting of all, just shy of my 10-mile finishing point.


How. Cool. Is. This?

A totally unexpected bubble show! In all the times I’ve taken this route, I have never seen anything like this. And it pretty much sums up the morning.

Per usual, I’m so sorry to see the weekend go.

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