Heroes Among Us

“There is a superhero inside all of us. We just need the courage to put on the cape.”


When I first posted about the holiday weekend at the Cardinals game, I forgot to mention that I bumped into Batman in the stadium merchandise store. I also glimpsed but couldn’t manage to get a picture of Batman’s buddy, Superman. He’d already made his way out of the store at the speed of light.

It seems like I’ve had an inordinate number of superhero sightings in the past two or three weeks. Then, as I thought more about it, I realized that I’ve had an inordinate number of superhero sightings period.

In addition to Batman the Redbird fan, we had Super(wo)man, a fan of rainbow floral crowns and vintage vinyl albums. Her brother Batman was reading comics by the magazine racks.


We also had a seemingly indecisive croc-wearing Superman, torn between the Yoplait and Activia. His sister, Wonder Woman, was swooshing down the frozen section.


Next up: Batman the cool shades-seeker, who knew a good bargain when he saw one.


Finally, we had sibling Superheroes, whose capes I can only guess came from a Pinterest pattern.


And these are just the superheroes I’ve managed to photograph. There have been several others that I couldn’t manage to get into the frame.

The thing that strikes me the most looking back over these photos is how universal this trend is. Boys…girls…black…white…young kids…older kids…they all have super powers. In public. At all times of year — not just Halloween.

I’m certain that I’m over thinking the subject, but I love the thought of a world in which kids wear capes because they feel like they are strong enough to rescue others rather than sitting around waiting to be rescued (my objection to much of the princess movement). Or that they want to help people and save the planet. I hope we’re always surrounded by superheroes.


(Day 11) Today I was grateful for:

1.)  Photography. What a magical medium.
2.) Gift of banana cake from my boss
3.) Fixing myself breakfast for dinner (I’m convinced that eggs taste better after 5 p.m.)
4.) Steaming cup of green tea
5.) Super-kind emails from friends

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  1. mcskerik says:

    Have you read “Paper bag Princess” by Robert Munsch? There are all sorts of princesses my friend! Don’t judge a book by its cover 😉


    1. No, I haven’t! I should’ve specified Disney princesses. I did my masters thesis on the ones before they made Princess and the Frog. Which, of course, made me over analyze the movement — and dislike it as a whole.


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