Six Seconds

Today I saw a story about Gunhild Swanson, a 70-year old woman who this weekend ran the Western States Endurance Run — a 100 mile course* ending in Auburn, California. Not only did this grandmother become the oldest person to finish this race, she did it in unbelievable fashion.

She finished in 29 hours, 59 minutes, 54 seconds. The cutoff was 30 hours. She crossed that line with six seconds to spare. SIX SECONDS.

Check out the finish in the video above. Hit me right in the feels. Oh, the crowd. Oh, the guts. Tears!

Here’s a link to the full story. What a rock star.


Today I was grateful for:

1.) Watching a friend/coworker celebrate her child’s accomplishments. (Bonus: in tears. Proving that I’m not the only one who cries when my kids do well.)
2.) Getting up early enough to sit quietly in my favorite chair and clear my mind for the day.
3.) The pleasure of finding a new book.
4.) Finding a shirt in a gorgeous color — for $1.97 on clearance.
5.) *Sports stories with happy endings and personal victories.

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