Press Pause

 Since current news headlines are heartbreaking to the point of needing to press the pause button, it seemed to me that (rather than crawling into the fetal position) a good laugh would be really nice. And few things make me laugh and divert my attention more than Dog Shaming.

A google image search was just the ticket. Below are some of my favorites.



a362dc129ea675c442b717887463d10b.600x dog-shaming-3__605 dog-shaming-meme-sandwhich-thief dog-shaming3 dogs-who-are-shamelessly-proud-of-what-they-just-did-25 dogshaming guilty-dog-shaming-fart pet-dog-shaming-open-door-bark Vh-12-22-2012-hilarious-dog-shaming-photos-funny-dogs14


I hope we shared a really good laugh. And now, as we return to our regularly scheduled programming, I hope we can share in a prayer for a world that desperately needs it.


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